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The world loves great coffee. What more is there to say? From the quick cup on the way home from the gym, to the cup en route to the office, to the cup after a five course meal with the one you love. Coffee spans across generations, continents and lifestyles with no bias. For less than a few bucks, why wouldn’t everyone want to recreate the same quality coffee you can buy at five star restaurants?

They do and that’s why we offer a great selection of not only some of the best coffee and espresso makers available, but the accessories, maintenance and even beans to make your coffee and espresso experience everything it can be and more. Take a minute to explore the quality products and accessories that we offer and begin your journey into the world of truly remarkable java.

Bring Home the Aroma with Professional Espresso, Coffee, Latte or Cappuccino

Everyone who drinks coffee or espresso enjoys eating out simply for the fact that after a great meal, there’s always the restaurant grade coffee, espresso or cappuccino to tie it all together. Don’t let the costly dinner be the only way to enjoy a delectable after-dinner treat. Consider one of our remarkable coffee and espresso makers and enjoy the same extravagance from the convenience of your home. Start to plan the dinner parties early this year because your guests are going to need time to recuperate after you serve up professional lattes, espressos, coffee and cappuccinos two at a time.

All of our Solis Palazzo Espresso machines are fully loaded, ready to impress even the most finicky of coffee and espresso aficionados. As fully automatic espresso machines, the Solis line emphasizes ease and convenience. From easy to read LCD digital display to on demand rapid steam, our machines are designed to create the perfect cup every time with user-friendly features. Make two cups at the same time with the Solis Palazzo Fully Automated Espresso and Coffee Center or create the perfect cappuccino with our Solis Ultra One Touch cappuccino maker.

The Best Coffee for the Best Machines

How can you aspire to make a meal from home that is worthy of the quality and excellence of a Solis coffee and espresso maker? Simple; Learn to make Tiramisu and get your coffee for espresso from Movenpick. Quality coffee and espresso begins with quality beans. Besides, if you’re making the investment in a great machine, you simply can’t skimp on the beans. Experience the difference with Movenpick, 100 percent Arabica beans mixed and roasted by experts. As a leading coffee choice of the Swiss for over 20 years, Movenpick reflects the perfect harmony between flavor and full-bodied aroma.

Don’t forget to take proper care of your Solis equipment. We offer a large selection of espresso machine descaler, coffee machine descaler and even Durgol Swiss Espresso decalcifier. Remember, even if you can’t see it, your coffee and espresso makers need to be keep clean and ready to make the perfect coffee. Remove calcium build up, rust and lime deposits easily without odor or foul taste. Invest in the proper maintenance and enjoy the best tasting coffee and espresso for years to come.

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